How many portraits will I get?

It depends on the pack you've choosen. I am giving back to my clients starting from 15 fully retouched photos. This is a basic White pack. Moreover you can always buy an additional set of photos under request. You can see all packages types in "Details"  menu above.

How fast and in with way do you give back retouched portraits?

Usually it takes me 2 weeks to deliver you photos.  

The photos will be delivered to you by downloadable link, sent to you by email and it will contain 2 folders: one full sized pictures for print and second one with web sized images optimized for socials. The link will be available until you confirm the correct and full download of your pictures: after confirmation I will delete the folder because I need new free space on the cloud for next client. 

It is worth to be noticed that your personal photos will be stored on my hard disk only for 3 months period.

Are you available abroad ?

I am living and working only in Rome for now, and I consider this like my advantage, because you don't need to pay me for a fly ticket and accomodation.

Do you give to your clients also RAW files?

No. I give you final product - selected, fully retouched and composed by my vision (eye and taste educated by years and the tons of beautiful imaginery watched). In restaurant you don't ask for raw ingredients of your plate but expect they cook for you and so you pay for the plate and ability of the chef.    

How to dress myself for a photo session?

Ideal for me is a classic, elegant style: long trench/coat/blaser on top and blouse/shirt/top and trousers/long skirt. Or long dress (above knee and longer). About colors: Rome is a warm palette city so all kind of pastel, pale rose, beige, peach, nude is wonderful, white and gray also fine. In any case if in doubt you can always ask me an advise and we will find out a solution! I also send a quick PDF guide with some inspiration to my clients :)

Do you shoot family | weddings| bachelor parties | baptisms | food photography

| pregnancy or studio ?

For the moment no. I am interested only in individual or lovestory portrait photo sessions or creation of content for brands.

How do you treat the privacy of your portraits?

Usually it's part of my job to select best works and publish them on my website and my socials for marketing purposes. In case you don't like to see your personal photos on my website and socials please specify your privacy request during booking.

Do you work by prepayment?

Yes, I am working with prepayment of 20% - this will ensure the date blocked for you only. 

Who is choosing the locations usually?

The locations are usually choosen together with client, I propose about 4 special itineraries and you choose the biggest attractions you would like to enjoy.

Do you shoot the reportage? 

As you can see in my portfolio, I prefer mostly make static and calm shots. Reportage for me linked with zoom lens and long distance between you and client for capture from hidden position their emotions and movement. I use 50mm lens and most of the time I am close to my model, so hide for me and get something inexpected and real is difficult :) But I try to add some emotions asking clients dance or walk away etc during the photowalk. Like this I mix a bit static and movement images. But if you ask me - for sure my style is more static and not reportage. 

Is in your portfolio only the models?

No in my portfolio there are not models. 

How long usually does it take the photowalk with you?

It depends. I am working to achieve the result of 15 or 30 photos - as soon as I get it, photowalk will conclude :) Usually it is aprox. about 1 hour for White pack and about 3 hours for Silver.